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About Martha

Martha Elena Fierro was born in Matamoros,Tamaulipas (Mexico). At the age of seven, Martha walked to The Gateway International Bridge with her mother, who told her, "Do not look back, do not cry, we will have a better life." Martha, her mother, and her sister, arrived in Brownsville with only the clothes on their backs and faith in the American Dream.

At the age of six, Martha was involved in a car accident that caused her to suffer from a life-long disease known as vitiligo. Though Martha was impacted by her skin condition, she learned to appreciate her internal strength. With her determination and her mother’s encouragement, she overcame the prejudice she faced due to both her vitiligo and her poor English skills when she first entered the United States. Martha learned English by watching the television show Three’s Company and, eventually, she was able to attend elementary school.

As an undocumented immigrant, Martha lived in constant fear of being deported. Though her brothers and father were deported, her mother pushed her to pursue an education. In 1986, under the Republican President Ronald Reagan, Martha received amnesty under the Immigration Control and Reform Act. Martha’s family rejoiced the day she graduated from Austin High School in 1991. Though Martha was one of six siblings, she would be the only sibling to graduate from high school. With her mother’s blessing, Martha married Francisco Fierro on April 30, 1994. On March 28th, 2002, Martha became an official citizen of the United States of America.

After receiving support and encouragement from her family, Martha attended Houston Community College and became a Certified Nursing Assistant. She started her nursing career at Memorial Hermann Hospital and, later, she would advance her nursing career at Ben Taub Hospital. Martha continued her education while raising four children and acting as her mother’s caretaker. In 2015, Martha graduated with a double major in Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) from the University of Houston. 

Martha has a passion for helping her community succeed, which is evident in her time spent volunteering. Martha has served as an ordained elder at Gulf Meadows Church for over 20 years. She is also part of the Kipp Charter School Parent Teachers Association. During Hurricane Harvey, Martha directed a team of twenty volunteers and served 1,800 affected Houstonians of the SD 6 community. She and her family volunteered at the George R. Brown convention center, and provided manpower in the basic necessities and bedding section, during the hurricane relief efforts.

Now, after over thirty years of service to her community, Martha Fierro is running for Texas State Senate District 6, with the goal of being a citizen legislator. Martha is not a career politician – she understands the barriers and obstacles of everyday living, and she will strive to bring opportunity and strength to her community. She believes that, together, we can really bring change to our district.

Pd. Pol. Adv. by Martha Fierro for Texas, Tammie Nielsen, Treasurer
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